• Feb 13
    ARTICLE | Electronic Democracy Boom in Ukraine

    The article was originally published at Institute for Human Science. By UDI Associate Dmytro Khutkyy Introduction During the dramatic regime change in Kyiv and hostilities in Crimea and Donbas in early 2014, Ukrainian people have enhanced their skills of mobilization for social action. Later they channeled their efforts towards institutional change, in particular, promoting e-participation…. Read more »

  • Jan 22
    BOOK REVIEW | Democracy or the power of experts? A Review on “The New Authoritarianism” by Salvatore Babones

    The review was originally published at Commons. By UDI Assosiate Dmytro Khytkyy. This provocative book is full of straightforward critical statements and fresh ideas, supported by logical argument and historical excursus. Those, who seek a sharp analysis and a clear diagnosis of the contemporary state of American democracy, will find those answers in this thrilling… Read more »

  • Dec 22
    ARTICLE | Artists Go ‘Underground’ To Beautify Kyiv Metro

    A metro station in Ukraine has been transformed by a team of mural artists. Photographer Serhiy Nuzhnenko went underground to learn the meaning of the murals and snap reactions from commuters. The article was originally published at Radio Free Europe. 1 The subway arrives in the freshly painted Osokorky metro station on December 19. 2… Read more »

  • Dec 1
    NEWS | UDI Annual Meeting 2017

    On August 27th Ukraine Democracy Initiative (UDI) had its first annual meeting. Meeting took place in Austria and was attended by 14 UDI global members and Associates from Australia, Germany, Ukraine, Canada, Poland and US. The meeting was also attended by UDI advisory board in the face of Prof John Keane (Australia) and Prof. Wolfgang… Read more »

  • Dec 1
    NEWS | UDI Workshop at University of Oxford

    On 25-26th October, Ukraine Democracy Initiative in partnership with European Studies Centre, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford and Sydney Democracy Network organised workshop “Reimagining Democracy & Diaspora: Europe and Cross-Border Politics”. The workshop took place at University of Oxford.