• Apr 18
    ARTICLE | Honest History: Where, why Ukrainians speak Russian language (and how Kremlin uses it to stoke conflict in Ukraine)

    While Ukrainian has been the sole official language of Ukraine since the country declared independence in 1991, Russian is still very widely used, to the extent that some describe Ukraine as a bilingual country, meaning that most Ukrainians speak and understand at least two languages: Russian and Ukrainian.

  • Apr 18
    ARTICLE | Four years after the Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine: key gains and losses

    The article was originally published at the Conversation by Dr Olga Oleinikova, Research Fellow Politics & Director of Ukraine Democracy Initiative. This article is part of the Revolutions and Counter Revolutions series, curated by Democracy Futures as a joint global initiative between the Sydney Democracy Network and The Conversation. The project aims to stimulate fresh thinking… Read more »

  • Apr 16
    ARTICLE | The Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder review – chilling and unignorable

    A new Russian nation should be established, Ilyin argued, to defend and promote that ineffable spirit against all external threats – not only communism but also individualism. To achieve that end, Ilyin outlined a “simulacrum” of democracy in which the Russian people would speak “naturally” with one voice, dependent on a leader who was cast as “redeemer” for returning true Russian culture to its people.

  • Apr 3

    The article was originally published at The New Eastern Europe. By UDI Associate Maria Shagina. Moldova´s energy security depends on Russian gas and electricity delivered from Transnistria. The limited options for diversification of energy routes and supplies make the country reliant on political stability in Romania and Ukraine. Domestically, the full implementation of EU energy… Read more »

  • Apr 3
    INTERVIEW | AFTER THE ANNEXATION: Occupied Crimea becoming human rights black hole

    The interview was originally published at Business Ukraine. About the interviewee: Madeline Roache is a British journalist specializing in human rights issues in post-Soviet Russia. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, Newsweek, Al Jazeera and a range of other international media. As the world marks the fourth anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s Crimean invasion, the… Read more »