• Jan 21
    ARTICLE | Iran shot down a Ukrainian plane. How did Ukraine respond?

    On Jan. 8, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 crashed minutes after taking off from Tehran, killing the 176 people on board. The crash threw Ukraine again into the international news — not on its own terms, but as a casualty of other nations’ political intrigues. So how did the government respond?

  • Dec 13
    ARTICLE | Impact Evaluation of Participatory Budgeting in Ukraine

    By UDI Associate Dmytro Khutkyy and Kristina Avramchenko. Participatory budgeting as a mechanism of direct citizen participation in decision making on the use of public funds is globally acknowledged good practice of participatory governance. In Ukraine, within almost four years–from August 2015 till May 2019–participatory budgeting has been introduced in at least 154 communities. However,… Read more »

  • Nov 26
    ARTICLE | Analysts See Pitfalls for Ukraine in Coming Peace Talks

    The proposal for local elections in eastern Ukraine will be a major sticking point in the Paris talks. Zelenskiy has said elections will be held only after Ukraine regains control over the disputed territory and its border with Russia.

  • Oct 20
    How to Apply for UDI Visiting Fellow Program at UTS

    Applications for the 2020 (round 1) are now open. See ‘Key Dates’ below for more information. How to Apply 1. Read the UDI Visiting Fellow program’s Eligibility Criteria, UDI Fellowship Overview – Download and UDI Visiting Fellow Program Guidelines – Download 2. Define your research project topic, outline the planned outcomes of your visit, and agree… Read more »

  • Oct 19
    UDI Visiting Fellow Program with University of Technology Sydney (Australia)

    UDI Visiting Fellow Program Guidelines – Download Living in Sydney Tips for UDI VFs – Download UDI Fellowship Overview – Download How to Apply