• May 9
    ARTICLE | Zelenskiy in charge – When reality goes beyond fiction

    The article was originally published by European Policy Centre by Svitlana Kobzar (Programme Officer East, European Endowment for Democracy) and Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst). On 21 April, comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy was elected Ukraine’s new president, beating incumbent Petro Poroshenko with 73% of the vote. His victory reflects the population’s deep-rooted distrust of Ukraine’s political… Read more »

  • Apr 18
    ARTICLE | A Comedian, a President, and a Prime Minister: The 2019 presidential election in Ukraine

    Ukrainian politics has been dominated by debates over whether to align with Russia or the EU, but Elena Korosteleva says the latest election proves that might be changing. Zelenskiy’s victory may symbolise a closure of the (post-)Maidan spirit, which was ripped apart by the West/East ideological divide in Ukraine.

  • Apr 3
    ARTICLE | Lessons Learned: Co-Creation Developments in Ukraine

    The article was orginally published at Open Government Partnership. By UDI Associate Dmytro Khutkyy Ukraine celebrates over seven years of participation in the Open Government Partnership. During this time, it has adopted four and has implemented three national action plans. Some of these plans have included internationally recognized commitments, such as the e-procurement system ProZorro,… Read more »

  • Feb 13
    ARTICLE | Electronic Democracy Boom in Ukraine

    The article was originally published at Institute for Human Science. By UDI Associate Dmytro Khutkyy Introduction During the dramatic regime change in Kyiv and hostilities in Crimea and Donbas in early 2014, Ukrainian people have enhanced their skills of mobilization for social action. Later they channeled their efforts towards institutional change, in particular, promoting e-participation…. Read more »

  • Jan 22
    BOOK REVIEW | Democracy or the power of experts? A Review on “The New Authoritarianism” by Salvatore Babones

    The review was originally published at Commons. By UDI Assosiate Dmytro Khytkyy. This provocative book is full of straightforward critical statements and fresh ideas, supported by logical argument and historical excursus. Those, who seek a sharp analysis and a clear diagnosis of the contemporary state of American democracy, will find those answers in this thrilling… Read more »