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Dr Oleinikova is Research Fellow Politics & Director of Ukraine Democracy Initiative, School of Political and Social Sciences, at University of Sydney. As Research Fellow, she works with the Sydney Democracy Network and she is involved in two projects: one on Diaspora and Democracy and one on Governance and Anti-Corruption Reform in Ukraine. Both projects focus on the challenges, performance and prospects for democracy in Ukraine. As Director of Ukraine Democracy Initiative, she runs the first of its kind research web-platform and global network of academics, politicians, civil activists and policy makers concentrated on the development of Ukrainian democracy. Olga has 7+ years of experience in quantitative and qualitative ad hoc research across market research industry, government and non-profit sectors. She has completed her PhD in Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney. As a teaching fellow at the School of Political and Social Sciences Olga taught “Sociology of Terror”, “Introduction to Sociology” and “Global Society & Culture”. Olga holds positions in several non-profit organisations active in Australia, including the Australia-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce where Olga drives partnerships across NGO & Business sector in Australia and Ukraine. She writes regularly analytical pieces that appear in The Conversation, KyivPost, Business Insider and a number of scholarly peer-reviewed Journals.

CONTACT: olga.oleinikova@sydney.edu.au