Dr. Alla Korzh is Assistant Professor of International Education at the School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute, USA. She holds a doctorate in international educational development from Teachers College, Columbia University. Alla Korzh’s research focuses on education (in-)equity, social justice, social change, and educational transformations in post-Soviet contexts. Her qualitative research projects involved studies of socio-economically disadvantaged children, youth, and adults in Ukraine and the United States. Her dissertation examined quality of orphanage education and educational inequities facing orphans in secondary and post-secondary education systems in Ukraine. As a post-doctoral research scholar at the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School, Alla Korzh conducted interdisciplinary research with formerly incarcerated women in New York City to examine their experiences with barriers to and challenges in higher education and strategies for developing a two/multi-generational framework that enhances educational access and success of families affected by incarceration. Her current collaborative research project investigates how transnational youths’ and young adults’ participation in social movements creates alternative spaces for informal citizenship education.

Alla Korzh has been involved in nonprofit start-up, program design, implementation, and management with Sublimitas where she serves on the board. She is a member of Comparative and International Education Society, and serves on the American Association of University Women selection panel. Alla Korzh’s publications are available here: (