Alina Nychyk has joined UDI as Chief Content Manager in August 2016. Alina researches international response to the conflict in Ukraine. She holds Bachelor’s Degree with honours in International Economics from Kyiv National Economic University and Master’s Degree in International Economic Relations from Wroclaw Economic University. Being an exchange student, Alina also studied in Gazi University in Turkey and Goethe University, Frankfurt on Main in Germany.

Alina gained experience in business (Hewlett Packard, Dreberis consulting company), as well as in public sector (European Commission, European Parliament). She is also a member of Polish Forum of Young Diplomats NGO, where she promotes Ukraine by organising various events and writing scholarly articles about her country. Alina has 10 scientific publications (Wroclaw University of Economics, Szczecin University) and a number of newspaper articles (Free Thought, Newsletter for the European Union, Emerging Europe, Hold the Trend). At the moment, Alina Nychyk is based in Brussels and works at the European Parliament.