Myroslav Shkandrij is Professor of Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba, and has published on modern Ukrainian and Russian literature, art and cultural politics, the avant-garde, and nationalism. He is the author of Ukrainian Nationalism: Politics, Ideology and Literature, 1929-1956 (Yale University Press, 2015), Jews in Ukrainian Literature: Representation and Identity (Yale University Press, 2009), Russia and Ukraine: Literature and the Discourse of Empire from Napoleonic to Postcolonial Times (McGill-Queens University Press, 2001), and Modernists, Marxists and the Nation: The Ukrainian Literary Discussion of the 1920s (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 1992). Exhibitions curated by him include: Futurism and After: David Burliuk, 1882-1967 (Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2008) and The Phenomenon of the Ukrainian Avant-Garde, 1910-35 (Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2001). He is also the translator of Serhiy Zhadan’s Depeche Mode (Glagoslav Publications, 2013) and Mykola Khvylovy’s Cultural Renaissance in UkraineL Polemical Pamphlets, 1925-26 (Edmonton: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta, 1986).