Ukraine Democracy Initiative Guide for the Authors

If you are interested in our Initiative, here is your chance to get involved and work with us!

Ukraine Democracy Initiative (UDI) welcomes authors, and interested writers, to submit articles, interviews, videos, or opinion pieces to our web-platform for publication. By publishing with UDI, you join a dynamic collective of authors, ranging from political actors to globally engaged academics. UDI has established guidelines, according to the different types of publication submissions. However, all submission require a short summary (up to 100 words), outlining the key topic, issues, and/or messages. All pieces are required to be evidence-based, and supported by qualitative and/or quantitative material.

This should be accompanied by a brief bio on the author that stipulates research interests, profession, past and current affiliation (e.g. University, think tank, freelance, NGO), (if held) academic title, and a URL of the author’(s’) current webpage, where applicable.

UDI word limit criteria for the different pieces include:

  • Editorial analytical piece – maximum of 1,500/1,700 words
  • Field experiences – maximum of 1,000 words
  • Blog posts – maximum of 1,000 words
  • Project reports – maximum of 2,000 words (special consideration upon approval from editorial team)
  • Interviews – maximum of 2,000 words

Further content guidelines include:

* Subheadings are strongly encouraged to guide readership.

* Referencing – all quotes, sources, and other materials referenced must clearly be indicated in endnotes (correlative numbering), or in text (with hyperlinks).

* Plagiarism – UDI has a strict policy on plagiarism. All pieces will be screened as part of the review process (the copying or borrowing of another’s ideas without attribution will not be accepted). All work submitted by authors must be their own work.

Submissions should be sent to

The UDI Editorial Board reviews submissions, considering relevance to the core focus of the initiative. These can be found on the site. They will decide whether a submission can be accepted for publication on the UDI web-platform.

Become Associate or Join the Team

Ukraine Democracy Initiative is constantly looking for associates and partners. If you are a researcher, academic, journalist, policy maker, civic activist, artist, or a film-maker willing to join our vibrant network, and help promote democratic change in Ukraine, we welcome your contribution to our unique global initiative. We aim to expand our network of partners in Europe, Canada, US and Asia-Pacific. If your university, research institute, non-governmental organization or not-for-profit initiative wants to join Ukraine Democracy Initiative, or needs support, contact us.

We are also looking for people to join our team of editors and translators, willing to volunteer their time and skills to strengthen the voice of our contributors and associates. We believe in empowering opinions and ideas. We strive for quality writing in order to amplify the opinions and works of contributors within, as well as beyond Ukraine and the wider Europe and post-Soviet region.

To join the team please write to