We speak, we envision, we enact democracy for Ukraine

Ukraine Democracy Initiative (UDI) is a robust non-partisan and grassroots initiative founded by a group of experienced scholars and civic activists from Australia, Ukraine and abroad. Based at the University of Sydney, we stand for a broad and bold rethinking of democracy in Ukraine, understood not only as a form of governance, but as a way of life committed to greater equality and the public accountability of power. A young democracy located in the heart of Europe, Ukraine seeks to overcome newly emerging dangerous political trends and grave challenges at home and abroad. UDI aims to bring new thinking about these challenges, alongside supporting the survival and flourishing of democracy in Ukraine. We feel this is best achieved through promoting research-based analysis, producing independent assessment of developments and giving voice to pro-democratic NGOs by showcasing their struggle for democracy in Ukraine, as well as contributing to the Ukrainian policy debate.

At the heart of the initiative is a dedicated global network of academics, field experts, civic activists, pro-democracy groups, policy-makers and citizens concerned with the future of democracy. The initiative focuses on developing the capacity of academics, pro-democracy NGOs and policy makers to collaboratively develop ideas, negotiate needs with the international policy community, and disseminate insights into what is required for addressing the systemic challenges faced by Ukrainian society. Responding to the call for alternative ways forward, and building on innovative thinking across the country and around the world, we support Ukraine emerging as globally significant testing ground for new political trends.

By creating an open public web-platform, we offer a unique opportunity to move political conversations forward. Our platform houses dynamic ideas and a new activism that procures a powerful basis for change in Ukraine.

Ukraine Democracy Initiative is a multi-layered initiative. It comprises a wide network of several partnerships with universities and research institutes throughout Australia, Europe and the Asia Pacific.  We also partner with pro-democracy NGOs and not-for-profits in Ukraine, helping them to build awareness and influence around their priorities. In this way, we bring visibility to a civil sector that traditionally has had constrained access to government decision-making and global audiences.

For academics and researchers – UDI is a space that allows for sharing ground-breaking research, alongside providing opportunities for developing collaborations with policy makers, civic activists and the general public.

For Ukrainian civic activists and pro-democracy NGOs – UDI offers international engagement that allows for sharing news of struggles for democracy in Ukraine, and to showcase inspiring achievements. It also provides the opportunity for linking associates and supporters. UDI also initiates, contributes and supports various pro-democratic initiatives aimed at socio-economic growth in Ukraine.

For policy makers – UDI is a go-to platform for sourcing insightful academic research and field-based opinion pieces relevant to current activities of pro-democracy groups in Ukraine.

You can reach us via email at team@ukrainedemocracy.org to join us and contribute to our global network!