By Olena Fedyuk and Marta Kindler

Publication Date: December 2016

The book brings together research findings from a variety of disciplines in this integrated study of the migration of Ukrainian nationals to the EU.  It contextualizes and historicizes this migration against the background of the series of crises experienced by Ukraine and the wider region over the last thirty or so years, from the dissolution of the USSR, through EU border changes, to the failed economic reforms of independent Ukraine.
The book reviews major publications in a variety of disciplines and in several languages, including Russian, Ukrainian and English. It provides a critical analysis of these authoritative sources, linking historical and contemporary texts to establish a longitudinal perspective on migration trends and practices.  The spatial, temporal, gender and geopolitical aspects of migration are examined, with expert analysis of the implications for economics, immigration policies, and migration studies.
The contributors also draw on national and international academic research and country-specific data to describe the experience of Ukrainian migration in six European countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. These detailed portraits identify the principal trends and will help researchers, policy makers, and students to a better understanding of the dynamics of migration flow in the region as a whole.

“This edited volume by Olena Fedyuk and Marta Kindler makes an important and timely contribution to migration scholarship by bringing together up-to-date research on one of the most important migrant groups in Europe, namely Ukrainian migrants. This collection offers a comprehensive historical and geographical analysis of various migratory patterns from Ukraine to different European countries, but it also offers a comparison with the US. It is a must read for migration scholars and for anyone interested in this highly topical phenomenon.” (Lena Näre, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki, Finland)

“Is Ukraine the Mexico of Europe, I once asked. It is one of the most eminent migration cases to study. This book fills an acute knowledge gap and is a rich and important contribution.” (Dr Franck Düvell, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford, UK)

“A very useful collection of essays for research students and scholars who would like to have an overview on Ukrainian migration across Europe. A timely volume covering many cases and many facets of Ukrainian mobility in the EU, casting light to the complex dynamics of post-1989 East to West European migrations. A must have for all libraries.” (Professor Anna Triandafyllidou, Global Governance Programme, European University Institute, Italy)