Good Deeds, NGO (Kyiv, Ukraine) in 2015 initiated the educational project “Smart Management of Communities”. We believe that national sustainable development starts from smart management of communities and every day life of us: efficiency of resources usage, waste management, communication culture with our neighbours, management skills of the community leader, political literacy of community, dialog of community and local authorities and private companies.

Since 2015 we already created an educational web-site “Smart Management of Communities” where we publish all relevant articles with best practices in this sphere.

Educational project “Smart Management of Communities” is a long term project till 2028. Its target audience: heads/managers of condominiums, initiative groups of multi-family buildings, municipal authorities, relevant companies. Later we plan to spread our audience for public buildings, offices, hotels, village territorial communities.

The major territory of our activity is Ukraine, but we are very open for international cooperation and experience exchange of communities management.

The main activities that we provide: seminars, contest of best practices, experience exchange trips to other countries, publication relevant articles and collection of best into Guidelines “Smart Management of Communities”.

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Coordinator: PhD Oleksandra Gumeniuk

Associates: Yaroslav Antonevich, PhD Anna Pasyeka, Andriy Gumeniuk, Roman Zhirniy, Vasyl Gumeniuk