16th World Taxpayers Conference 2016 shows taxation trends

20 April, 2016

Is Good Governance and Low Taxes – Necessities in an Uncertain World?! Key stakeholders and globally acclaimed experts discussed a wide range of important aspects of economic growth and growth of freedom and democracy at the 16th World Conference in Berlin, March 17-19th, 2016. We have had a unique chance to meet with like-minded persons from all parts of the world, to learn and be inspired and build relations of future importance for our organization.

Taxation affects the lives of every one of us. It shapes the relationship between citizens, businesses and the state, and has an impact on politics, the economy and society.  Not only taxpayers but many policy makers, academics and ordinary citizens are interested to know more about how States’ tax revenues and tax systems compare with each other all over the world. Each World Taxpayers Conference provides some answers to these questions and this year special attention was given to ‘Taxation trends’ in the European Union, which continues to evolve, and some new features could be found in this year’s discussion.

In the same time, Ukrainian tax law got new changes for 2016, which is a compromise text agreed by the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine following a widely-reported heated debate on what Ukraine’s tax reform should look like – an IMF-compliant version pushed by the government or a more populist version promoted by certain factions in parliament.  Notwithstanding that the Law does not constitute a complete overhaul of the Tax Code, it nevertheless introduces significant improvements to Ukraine’s tax regime.