Live Talks With Experts: Ukraine’s Armed Conflict and Consequences Through the Eyes of a Foreign Diplomat

13 November, 2016


    Ukraine Democracy Initiative is pleased to invite you to join us and Dimitris Papandreou, former General Consul for the Hellenic Republic in Mariupol (2011-2014) to participate in our global online think tank “LIVE TALKS WITH EXPERTS.

    The event will take place in our online forum ( the link will be sent to you prior to the event) on the 29th November 2016 at 21:00 (UTC+2/Kyiv Time). Alongside other associates, academics, diaspora representatives and activists you will have the chance to participate in a vigorous discussion, ask questions and engage  with a high ranking diplomat who served in Ukraine during the unraveling of the Ukrainian crisis in 2013 and who himself was witness to the shelling of Mariupol in 2014.

   Dimitris Papandreou will tell his personal story as well as give his insights as a foreign diplomat on the reasons why the events at Euromaidan led to the armed conflict in the East, how ethnic minorities in Ukraine can help impact a peaceful resolution to Ukraine’s crisis and help Ukraine’s standing in the international arena of politics and how they affect Ukraine’s relations with their countries of origins.

   Ukraine Democracy Initiative aims to engage as many academics and activists as possible in order to help spark a change in Ukraine. We sincerely believe that Live Talks With Experts is an online platform that can connect globally those who strive to participate in changing Ukraine for the better. As our associate , we look forward to seeing you interact and debate with Mr. Papandreou on the 29th November 2016 at 21:00 (UTC+2/Kyiv Time) to help move forward much needed conversations.

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